Welcome to Cowichan Bay

I wrote this song, inspired by the North American Indigenous Games that were held, here, in Cowichan Valley, hosted by the Cowichan Tribes, in 2008.
It was a big deal here! Athletes and their supporters from all over North American came to take part!
The opening day, many huge canoes arrived in Cowichan Bay. It was an exciting ceremony and I wrote this song as I watched the canoes enter the bay.

The language you hear is Hul’q’umi’num’. It is the language of the Coast Salish peoples and specifically, in this case, it is the dialect of the Cowichan Tribes. The translations and language coaching were done by my very dear and now departed brother in law, Edgar Rice. Hyachka!
The Keening (that amazing voice you hear in the beginning and then a few times throughout the song) is my very much alive sister in law Della Rice Sylvester
You travelled far over dangerous waters
To these warm shores you made your way
New friends and family with wide open arms
We offer you welcome to Cowichan Bay

Hey Hey Hey, Hello Hey Hey
We offer you welcome to Cowichan Bay
Hey Hey Hey, Hello Hey Hey
We offer you welcome to Cowichan Bay

In our warm land there’s always plenty
We’re willing to share our fish and game
When you come visit us, you will be feted
We’ll offer you welcome to Cowichan Bay

Shhweenustham tst shhweenustham tst
Shhweenustham tst ’u tu
Shhweenustham tst ’u tu Quw’utsun
S’ uthnuts Shhweenustham tst
I recorded it all here, in my home, in Cowichan Bay, having no clue what I was doing... Who knew you weren’nt supposed to just plug the mic into the computer? And hey isn't stereo better than mono? And that is what my good dear friend Eddie Ciletti had to mix for me! He has the patience of a saint!
And then there's the story of the video...
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