From the unceded Cowichan Territories on Vancouver Island BC Canada, Canadian performance artist Susan Rankin releases her first album, Pagan Lullabies. Susan uses words and sounds, arranged in silence, and movement arranged in space, to carve out the imagery of her vision.

Pagan Lullabies is an out of the box experience for the discerning listener. This collection of 11 modal melodies reveres nature

You can hear the first song of the album on Soundcloud: Welcome To Cowichan Bay

Check out the video for Welcome to Cowichan Bay or the third track on Pagan Lullabies, Standing in the Circle of the Cedar.

To buy Pagan Lullabies you have two options:
1) Download individual tracks or the album at CD Baby, as of October 31st 2016.
2) Order an actual CD with artwork and liner notes, signed by the artist, starting today, RIGHT HERE!

Susan Rankin has received rave reviews for her performances in venues as varied as the Vancouver Art Gallery, CBGBs and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has written hundreds of songs and performed extensively for decades. This is her first album release.